How To Use MSN Messenger?

Steps To Use MSN Messenger 


MSN messenger is also known as Windows Live Messenger, it is considered as one of the most popular methods to talk to your colleagues, relatives or friends. If the user is experiencing any sort of trouble and is unknown about how to use MSN messenger then this article is the best place to understand how to use it. Follow the steps mentioned below: 


•The first step: From Hotmail by clicking sign up and then free get a free email.


•Now from the download website, download the MSN messenger and click on ‘Get free’.


•Now MSN messenger will launch.


•Then log in to MSN messenger account.


•Now by clicking "Add a Contact" on the Contacts menu add the contact of the person you wish to talk.


•A green figure will emerge beside their name in your contact list, when or if the person is online. Into the lower rectangular box type a greeting by double-clicking on their name.


•Now if they reply, the user can easily connect with the person in conversation.


So these are the steps that the user needs to follow if he/she wishes to use the MSN messenger. It’s easy to use and very popular Chat platform. MSN messenger is gives a simple platform to connect with the people you desire to talk and when they are online, you can easily talk to them. 


If in case the user stuck with any sort of issue with the MSN account then the user can anytime get in touch with the MSN Technical Support and ask for assistance. As a MSN user, you can ask for help with the customer service and they will assist you accordingly. 


With MSN the user can easily get in touch with the MSN customer support for any kind of issue. The user can even take help by visiting the website support section and enter their query to receive a solution. At the “Ask the community section” the user can even leave the query regarding the technical issue he/she is experiencing. After few hours you can check the response on the website of your query but in case the user is looking for instant response and solutions then connecting with tech support by calling at MSN Help Support Number is the best solution. MSN technical team is 24X7 available to solve your query instantly.

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